ACCEL Membership Requirements

Applicants for membership to ACCEL are required to submit to a thorough screening process and to meet strict underwriting criteria. The following information is required for membership evaluation.

  • A Complete Liability Questionnaire.
  • Incurred Loss Data for the Prior Ten Years.
  • A One Page Explanation of All Claims Incurred in Excess of $100,000.
  • A Copy of the Most Recent Audited Financial Statement.
  • Workers' Compensation Payrolls for the Most Current Five Fiscal Years.
  • A Summary of the City's Risk Management Program.
  • A Description of any Unusual or Catastrophic Exposures.

Each member agency must have a sound risk management program with a full-time Risk Manager. A safety/loss control program must be in existence.

Applications for membership are evaluated by the Underwriting Committee and then presented to the Board along with the Committee's recommendation. An analysis is prepared reflecting the effect the prospective Member Agency would have upon the other members in ACCEL.

The following membership policies have been adopted by the Board:

  • Cities joining ACCEL must commit to participating in ACCEL for three (3) full Program Years regardless of when they join.
  • Cities joining ACCEL will have coverage under the terms and conditions of the Coverage Document in effect on the date of membership.
  • Cities joining ACCEL, on or after July 1, 1989, other than at the beginning of a Program Year shall have their loss experience and payroll included in their initial Program Year's retrospective adjustment calculations in accordance with the Program Year definition contained in Article XII B. of the ACCEL Bylaws.

For more information, please contact Conor Boughey at 415-403-1411 or email